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Philosophy Course Content

curso de filosofia

New Acropolis is a Philosophy in the Classical Manner School. Our Introductory Philosophy Course consists of 16 modules (2 hours each one) and introduces the major systems of thought of East and West. No previous knowledge is required. Topics covered:

- The Human Being and the Cosmos;

- The Wisdom of Ancient India;

- Life and Teachings of the Buddha;

- Teachings from Tibet;

- Teachings of Confucius;

- Egypt: Land of Mysteries;

- Socrates and Greek Philosophy;

- Teachings of Plato;

- The Roman Stoic Philosophers;

- The Human Being and History;

- Philosophy in Action;

- Introduction to Practical Psychology.

Upcoming Events


Course: Philosophy and Metaphysics

Sunday, 05:00-07:00 PM - This time we present our philosophy course "Philosophy and Metaphysics" and you are invited to a free trial lesson. The course consists in 16 weekly sessions (2 hours each one) of practical wisdom for daily life. FREE trial lesson.


Discussion: Is fear our friend or enemy?

Friday, 07:30-09:00 PM - What is fear? Why does fear make us paralyze so many times? In any situation it can be our friend? What kind of fear is most common? Fear of failure, of losing, of changes? FREE ADMISSION. The event will be held in English.